The original 1920 vaudeville stage is a great asset to the Fallon Theatre.  The lower theatre will double as a movie house for the showing of films and also as a venue for live events.

The stage is 15′ deep and 30′ wide.  Brackets for stage lights have been installed with plans for a complete lighting and sound system with a control panel above the projection booth.  Plans are also in place to replace the curtains.

The CCHS Theatre students have performed plays on the stage, Brett McGinness has performed stand-up comedy, the Rising Sun Gallery & Art Studio produced the children’s theatre production of Sleeping Beauty – A Tale Told Slightly Off the Wall on the stage as well.

Several suggestions on how to improve the stage as a performance venue came through our experience of having these events performed there.

We are interested in knowing what you would like to see live on stage.  Plays, concerts, improvisation, etc. have all been considered and are logical uses.   What would you like to see?  Contact us through the Contact option and help become part of this creative process.