ALL the Updates!!

We are so excited for all the updates that happened while the doors were closed. There was definitely a lot of lemonade making out of those lemons!!

All of the carpet throughout the lobby, hallways, and auditoriums has been replaced, the concession area got a beautiful bright fresh coat of paint and new snazzy posters for our specials, plus the concession flooring has been updated to include a trapdoor which is needed to access some valves.

In addition to these striking changes, many not-so-obvious updates have been happening, too. The plumbing is all updated and repaired and the walls have been patched and repainted, the bathrooms have been repainted and touched up, the air conditioning systems are being cleaned and prepped, the computer systems in both projection booths are brand new, all light bulbs are being replaced, the popcorn machine has been disassembled, scrubbed, repaired, and is ready to go, and the entire concessions will be starting out brand new and fresh!

PLUS… something we’re REALLY excited about… the front platform in the lobby is being revamped into a MUSEUM space! Our old film projectors are being reassembled and shined, we have framed original blueprints, and we have some fantastic old photographs to display as well!

We are SO EXCITED for our Open House Event on Friday, June 26th from 4-7pm so we can show off all this fun stuff! Hope you join us!!