FCTh hosts special showing of THE POLAR EXPRESS

Members of the Fallon Community Theatre, Inc. Board of Directors invited the public to join them for a special showing of the Christmas Eve favorite THE POLAR EXPRESS on Tuesday, Dec. 20.   Refreshments were provided by board members and many parents and children / grandparents and grandchildren enjoyed the special evening together.

The film was shown again on the 27th.

CCHS Theatre One presents “Ghost Light”

When Sal and Jenny inherit an old theatre from their great uncle it’s like their dreams are coming true. But first they must deal with the real estate agents that want to scare the young couple into believing the old theatre is haunted.   Such is the story of the short one-act play “Ghost Light” presented on December 14th at the downtown Fallon Theatre.  “We chose the play because the number of characters in the play matched the number of students in the class.  In addition to that, the plot is similar to the situation I am involved with with the downtown Fallon Theatre Project”  stated director Glen Perazzo.  “The community now has a home base for community theatre groups.”

The play was well received by family and friends.


Presidential Debates at Fallon Theatre

The CCHS Young Republicans and Young Democrats arranged with Dr. Richardson to bring their club members down to the Fallon Theatre for the first of the Presidential Debates on Monday, Sept. 26th.   Mrs. Kelly Frost, adviser for the Young Republicans, prepared BINGO cards and gave one to each attendee along with a small American flag.   Approximately thirty students and interested adults enjoyed watching the debate on the large motion picture screen.

Cantaloupe King and Queen Contest

The Fallon Theatres hosted the Cantaloupe King and Queen Contest on August 25th.  Below is the publicity release from their website:

“We need a King and Queen of the Cantaloupe Festival! You could win $125 cash and more in the King and Queen class 16 years or older! Prince and Princess from 8 – 15 years old, and littlest cowboy and cowgirl. Plus Click the link for all the details, then join us at the Fallon Theater, Thursday, August 25th at 6 PM in your best farm attire. Be a part or watch the fun brought to you by Fallon Family Dental Care and Montana Silversmiths.”

School Time Hours

The Fallon Theatre has converted to their School Time Hours.  The Theatre will be close to regular showing of films on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   The Fallon Theatre is open Thursdays through Sunday.   Call 423-4454 for a recording of what is playing and at what time.

Prospective Directors meeting

Fallon Community Theatre, Inc. is seeking volunteer directors who are interested in directing plays for the community on the downstairs stage in the Fallon Theatre.   I would like to meet with prospective directors on either T or W, August 30 or 31 at 5:30 p.m. at the downtown Fallon Theatre.  We will discuss the vision of our community theatre, give a tour of the performance space, and discuss play ideas.   Prospective directors are encouraged to bring play proposals.  Interested individuals need only attend one of the meetings.

If you are interested in learning more about the FCTh, Inc. community theatre concept and are unable to attend either meeting you are invited to contact Glen Perazzo at glenbeth@gmail.com.

All-Class Class Reunion Comedy Night on Friday, Aug. 19

Fallon Community Theatre is excited to invite the community to the downtown Fallon Theatre on Friday, August 19th for one of the many All-Class Class Reunion activities.  Mr. Brett McGinness will kick off the evening on the lower theatre stage with a comedy routine at 5:00 p.m..   Others will join him on stage with good, fun memories of their days at CCHS.  Come mingle with friends and former classmates, see some of the changes in the theatre, and start the weekend off with a laugh.

On Saturday, Aug. 20th the FCTh board members and volunteers will be conducting tours of the downtown theatre.  The tours start at 10:00 a.m. and go until 2:.   We invite you to come check out our community theatre space and share ideas on what activities and programs you’d like to see there.