“Bridge on the River Kwai” Special Showing

Fallon Community Theatre, Inc. (FCTh, Inc.) is pleased to provide the community with the opportunity to watch the Academy Award winning World War II epic “Bridge on the River Kwai” on Wednesday, November 11, at 4:00 p.m. at the Fallon Theatre, 71 S. Maine Street.

FCTh, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the renovation and preservation of this down-town treasure.   As explained below, FCTh, Inc. has created a Sustaining Membership program to allow friends of the Fallon Theatre the opportunity to financially support the preservation and renovation of the theatre.   One of the benefits of membership is free admission to special membership movies.  This showing of this classic award-winning film is the first of our special presentations for our sustaining members.

We are also delighted to invite veterans and past and present members of the military to attend the movie free of charge as well.

Non-sustaining members, non-veterans, and non-military are also invited to attend.  We ask that they make a donation to FCTh, Inc. when they come to enjoy the film.