Centennial Logo Contest!!

2020 is the year the historical Fallon Theatre turns 100!!

Ground was broken on March 6th, 1920, and the theatre’s grand opening took place on December 30th, 1920.

To celebrate properly, we need a centennial logo! If you have art skills and some time on your hands, will you help us out? There’s some goodies in store for whomever designs us a winning logo!


1) It needs to be simple and clean since we want it to print beautifully onto t-shirts.

2) It needs to include our iconic neon sign.

3) It needs to state at least one of the following:

“Centennial Celebration”
“One Hundred Years”
“Est. 1920”

Deadline is January 24th. Please submit entries to thefallontheatre@gmail.com