We still don’t know when we might be able to open back up, but our Board of Directors have been researching, reading, and making plans for when it happens.

We would like to ask our community what YOU would like to see in place when we reopen. What, if anything, would make you feel safer or more comfortable coming into the building? Some of our considerations…

-Masks for volunteers.

-Masks available for patrons.

-Hand sanitizer station.

-Sneeze shield plexiglass in place around the concession counter.

-One person handling money and transactions, one (or more) handling food, no cross-contamination.

-Using gloves and changing between orders.

-Limiting capacity in each auditorium. (We can seat just over 100, so limit to 40?)

-Blocking off every other row to ensure social distancing.

-Signage in restrooms to remind patrons of proper hand washing.

-Placards to place in a seat you occupied to let our staff know to sanitize the area.

We welcome all opinions and ideas for this unique situation we all find ourselves in. We are very grateful for our current circumstances which include, above all, owning the building and not having a mortgage payment. Our nonprofit status and fully volunteer staff means that the Fallon Theatre will survive this and remain an important community center for Churchill County. We are working diligently behind closed doors to be sure that when they’re open, we’ll have a beautiful, squeaky clean, fully restocked theatre to welcome you into!